About GPD

I keep my rates within reason because most of the services I perform are performed by me alone. The Client Collaborative method I use has been honed over 25 years of servicing every type of Client in every type of Industry. My ultimate goal is to make sure that when we have completed our work together, you have reached your goals and have a much better understanding of the process. In about half of cases, I continue to provide services after the contract is done and have accumulated a rather large Client base that will come to me for Campaigns, Analytics reporting, Design work or something related to another business venture. The other half have been set up for success with needs simple enough that I have been able to train their staff on best practices while providing templates and workflows that allow them to thrive on their own.

I spent enough time in the agency rat race to know that most of the “services” offered are not valuable and mostly used to create a false dependency on the agency. While successful in the short term, this business model is ultimately destructive and unethical. Here is my only full time employee. She also disapproves.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated a passion for staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape, and my comprehensive skill set includes expertise in digital advertising, SEO, B2B sales, D2C sales, B2C sales, web design, e-commerce, and social engagement. These skills have allowed me to create and implement successful digital marketing strategies that have consistently delivered outstanding results.

Here are some key highlights from my career:

Digital Advertising and SEO: I have led and executed successful digital advertising campaigns, which have resulted in increased website traffic, conversion rates, and revenue. My deep understanding of SEO has enabled me to consistently improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic for both B2B and B2C clients.

Sales and E-Commerce: Over the years, I have successfully driven B2B and B2C sales growth through innovative marketing strategies, customer segmentation, and lead generation. My proficiency in e-commerce strategies has boosted online sales and streamlined customer experiences.

Web Design: I have overseen the creation and optimization of user-friendly websites, resulting in enhanced user experiences and increased engagement. This skill is integral to attracting and retaining customers in the digital age.

Social Engagement: My expertise in social media engagement has allowed me to build and strengthen brand presence on various platforms. I have also utilized data-driven insights to refine content and engagement strategies, resulting in increased brand visibility and customer loyalty.

Leadership and Team Development: As a leader in the digital marketing field for 15 years, I have a proven track record of mentoring, coaching, and leading cross-functional teams. My ability to foster collaboration, set strategic direction, and drive results has been a consistent hallmark of my leadership style.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my wealth of experience to your company and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of your digital marketing efforts. I am confident that my strategic mindset, adaptability, and proven track record in driving measurable results will make a significant impact on your organization.

 – Sean (Owner)


Ethical business practices are at the core of everything I do. I pledge to conduct our operations with transparency, integrity, and a commitment to the highest ethical standards. My promise is to prioritize honesty in all interactions, foster a culture of respect, and uphold the trust you place in me. I look for partnerships founded on ethical principles, where integrity guides every decision and action. That being said, let’s make some money!


Transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of my commitment to your organization. I believe in clear communication, openness, and integrity in all my interactions. My promise is to provide you with complete visibility into our processes, pricing, and decision-making. You can trust that I will always be straightforward, delivering on my commitments with candor and sincerity.


Most people have had the experience of outsourcing a service and feeling abandoned at the end of it. Many companies and Consultants tout “Customer Service” while being more concerned where the next contract is coming from or how best to upsell their services. My clients can attest to the fact that before, during and after our project, I am a phone call or email away ready to discuss any issue. I look at every Client as a partner and I will only take a job where I am convinced I can help.

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